Canary Wharf Escorts and their lovely Girls

I have learned a thing or two about escorts since I first started to date escorts. Lots of people presume that escorts are silly and not very smart at all. But that is far from the truth. A couple of years ago, I took over the running of Canary Wharf escorts in London. The agency originally belonged my aunt but she retired a few years ago. She could not find anybody to take Canary Wharf escorts over, so I decided to have a go. At first I thought I was not going to be very successful but you can certainly say that things have worked out very well thanks to my smart girls.


I have to say that I love Kathy, she runs the Canary Wharf escorts reception on a day to day basis and she is just great at it. She knows how to handle very awkward call and caller, and I never have to get involved. Even though I had experience of dating escorts, I wasn’t sure if I was up to dealing with the day to day business problems. It can be kind of nerve wrecking and I have to say that Kathy does a brilliant job of looking after everything. Kathy has been with the agency for ever ten years, so she know a lot of the gents who date here, and they know her. The truth is that most of the gents probably appreciate a really experienced girl on the phone, and she deals with all of the problems. Arranging dates at an escorts agency is not as easy as you might expect, and you always get what Kathy calls extra high service calls. Canary Wharf escorts seem to have some rather demanding gents but Anegla sort them out without battering an eye lid.

Mary Anne

My aunt told me that all escorts agencies need to have a madame. I just thought it was an unnecessary expense but I have to admit that Mary Anne does a really good job. She makes sure that all of the girls are happy and at the same time, she makes sure that we all behave ourselves. We also get some gents here who like to push their luck with our Canary Wharf escorts, and they soon get told off by Mary Anne, Nothing seems to get passed Mary Anne somehow and I am really glad about that. Mary Anne also helps me to check out all of the new girls. We actually get lots of applications here at the agency, and I have to admit that I wasn’t prepared for that. Many of the girls who apply to become Canary Wharf escorts are new to the UK, and some of them speak really poor English. Obviously there are certain criteria that they have to meet and Mary Anne is good at explaining it. I hate to look at girls objectively but she seems to be able to do it without a problem. I am sure that most Canary Wharf escorts appreciate her attention to detail.


If you like, Jazzy is our lead Canary Wharf escort. She has been here for about five years and pulls in a lot of gents. Not only is she one of the sexiest of all of the Canary Wharf escorts, but she is really nice as well. A lot of gents just like to date her because she is such a nice girl, and I enjoy her company as well. The truth is that she is worth her weight in gold, and she has made Canary Wharf escort services a lot of money over the years. If we lost her, our agency would lose a very important team member. On top of that. Jazzy is very generous and she doesn’t mind helping to train some of the novices. Not all of the girls who start here at Canary Wharf escort services have previous experience of escorting. Yes, they do have madame Mary Anne to ask but it is nice to have Jazzy in stand by. She does not mind answering questions or giving advice. On top of that, she is also a very good lingerie buyer and I know many of the girls appreciate that.